Here’s what people are saying about my writing!


Sunny Trochaniak: Former Digital Marketing Manager at FleetCarma

Was a pleasure working with John. His articles were well thought out and were conducted with extensive research. He took an interest in staying up-to-date with the industry (electric vehicles),  and proposed new topic ideas as he came across them.


Susan Whalen: Team lead at Innovatia Inc. 

Sue_Whalen-150x150 copyI want to express my deep gratitude for your flexibility, talent, intelligence, humor, and hard work.You are an excellent communicator and a terrific technical writer. You stepped into our projects almost seamlessly and exceeded my expectations—looks like we even made it to the first draft milestone on Schooner, thanks to you.

I would gladly work with you again any time.Your professionalism was needed and welcome on, especially on Schooner— a project with the potential to go from green to red in a heartbeat.

Steve Slaunwhite: author, The Everything Guide To Writing Copy
SteveHere’s Steve’s comments on my assignment for his email copywriting class.

Hi John. Terrific copy. I like the flattering way you highlight the problem in your opening. Very compelling.

WRITING: Clear and conversational.


Matt Weir: Team Manager, Innovatia Inc.

John was an employee in very good standing with our project. He consistently took on anything that was asked of him without complaint and completed the work to quality standards. John was always prompt, punctual, and easy to get a hold of in case of emergency. Our clients were always aware of John’s contributions to the team and often expressed great satisfaction with his efforts and ability to juggle the workload in different areas. John was an integral part of the team and always made sure he gave 100% even when faced with adversity.

Vicki Canon: mother of a case study subject

Oh my gosh!! what a great job you did. I am sitting here crying.  I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. You captured every emotion and feeling that was going through me during the whole interview.  I am not sure exactly what I was expecting to see on paper but holy cow. You are very good at what you do. Thank you for how you were able to make it feel so personal and to convey so easily what has been mine and Trevors experiences over these many years of his life and the way that we have been so blessed to have been on this journey as a mother and son together with the support of WDDS.

Thanks again