One of my first memories is trying to discover how an old, hand-cranked movie projector in our attic worked. This fondness for trying to find out how things worked led to dissections of other mechanical devices, Most of my toys existed in various stages of disassembly. The one exception was my Meccano set, which was in a constant state of assembly. This fascination with “ how does it work?” led to science, and especially physics. Consequently, I acquired a physics degree with minors in chemistry and math.

After teaching physics and chemistry for several years, I discovered that I was good at translating complex subjects into simpler, understandable descriptions. I turned this ability into a career in technical writing: I wrote user manuals for technicians working with Nortel and Ericsson Mobile products and services. Additionally, in my teaching I’d developed persuasiveness in my writing, which I’ve successfully applied to case studies and white papers.

For a long time, I’ve been concerned about environmental issues:

  • Composting of kitchen and yard waste has always been essential for my partner and me.
  • Fuel conservation has constantly been a big factor in our vehicle choices.
  • Reusing and reducing consumer goods even before recycling have always been rules number one and two for buying choices in our household.

All of these concerns, plus a love for the outdoors (back-country camping, kayaking, and canoeing) and my partner’s asthma naturally led to an interest in reducing the environmental damage from burning fossil fuels. From there, it was a small jump to renewables. Wind especially caught my attention because of the connection with sailing, which I’ve always loved. Now I’m interested in all renewables including solar, geothermal, and ocean power (tidal and wave action).