You are an innovator in renewable energy!
You face some crucial challenges:
  • To communicate the benefits of renewables to potential customers
  • To train workers in the installation, operation, and maintenance of new technologies
  • To educate your investors about the advantages of renewables for consumers, the environment, and your balance sheet
  • To persuade governments to give renewables an even break with conventional fuels for your fair share of subsidies, incentives, and tax credits
I can help!

I’m a professional, freelance writer with a technical  and scientific background. I can help you meet your challenges by writing the following materials for you:

  • Email copywriting—Attention-grabbing emails can increase the openings and responses in your email campaigns. Effective emails can generate more leads for you and increase sales. Emails can build better relationships with your prospects and your customers.
  • Articles and blog posts—Thoroughly-researched, informative articles and blog posts can attract new customers and update your current clients about new developments, challenges, and solutions in the renewable energy field.
  • Case Studies—These are real success stories from real customers that can create a personal face for your business to give you credibility, to build a personal relationship with new contacts, and to educate potential customers about your product or service.
  • User manuals—Well-written user manuals and other how-to instructions can increase the usability of your product, decrease customer frustration, and reduce the cost of your customer help.
  • White Papers—These objective reports about your product or service portray you in business to business or business to government as the leader in your field. You can use them to generate leads and interest, distribute them at trade shows, and display them on your website.

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